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Dwarf Fruit & Citrus Trees » Dwarf Lemon Trees | Indoor Lemon Trees For Sale

Dwarf Lemon Trees - Indoor Lemon Tree Varieties

Dwarf lemon trees are one of several types of indoor fruit trees that are specifically designed to grow in containers indoors. Some of the other popular types are Kaffir lime, orange, kumquat, and tangerine. Dwarf lemon trees are smaller varieties of traditional citrus trees that produce an amazing amount of fruit for their size. Within the lemon family, several types are available, such as the dwarf Eureka Lemon, Lisbon, and Improved Meyer Lemon tree.

Grow Lemons Indoors With A Dwarf Lemon Tree

With proper care, your tree should bear fruit within a year. Even newbie gardeners have great success with indoor citrus trees, prompting them to get hooked on gardening as a hobby. At full maturity, a dwarf lemon tree will reach about four feet in height. The limes themselves will be similar to what you find in a grocery store in terms of size. Generally, they will be sweeter and juicier because of the smaller size of the tree.

Even when the tree is not bearing fruit, it will make a wonderful addition to any room in your home. The leaves are a glossy green and white flowers will bloom as well and dwarf lemon trees have a pleasant, almost tropical scent. Meyer Lemon trees and plants for sale. Enjoy the taste of lemons from your very own meyer lemon tree.