Fruit of the Month Club - 3 Month Club


Order now for delivery from Nov 7, 2017 until Apr 30, 2018

Get ready for three sweet deliveries at a 5% SAVINGS plus you get to choose the three months you want. Citrus Lover's Rejoice! Besides guaranteeing all our sweetest Florida Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit, Club Plans also make wonderful gifts that give and give and give! Experience Florida's freshest citrus rushed to you and yours.

Mid November - Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
December - Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
January - Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit
February - Florida Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit
March - Honey Tangerines & Ruby Red Grapefruit
April - Valencia Oranges

Shipping and handling includes all 3 months. All shipments must go to one address.

Specify in our comment section which months you would like your fruit to arrive and which type of fruit you would like each month.

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